Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cleaning Out Clutter

It seems like ever since this recession hit, people have been learning to live with less stuff. I read an article a few months ago about a couple who decided to downsize - to the point of each of them only owning 100 personal possessions. I remember reading that the wife had included clothes, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, etc into her 100 possessions. Though I do like the idea of paring down, I think that's a little too extreme for me.

However, as I looked through my bathroom drawers this past week, I decided that I simply had too much stuff that wasn't being used. We have six drawers in our vanity, and five of those are filled with my stuff. I also had four plastic drawers sitting outside my bathroom in the hallway, as well as a caboodles makeup box sitting on top of them, all filled to the brim. Every once in a while, I'll search through those for something specific, but in general, it wasn't being used. I just had too much, so I was inspired to clean out and pare down on cosmetics and products.

Fortunately, I have a friend (Janelle) who is a makeup artist and is always looking to expand her supplies. I gave her a call and she was delighted to take my unwanted makeup off my hands. :)

Once I got everything out, I took some pictures!

Here is the caboodles box plus all of the random cosmetics thrown into the vanity drawers.

These were the drawers sitting in my hallway. I've already pulled some products out and stuck them on top. I brought my garbage can over to the couch to start the big purge. Rosie (my kitty) decided to come help out with all the hard work.

And one more picture.....
I don't usually wear makeup because it takes me so long to do it all. If I decide to shortcut it and do only mascara or blush or whatever, I usually think I look weird so I end up doing the whole thing, which would take me 20-30 minutes. I like wearing makeup, but that's too much of my precious time to be wasting on makeup.

This was my makeup bag of everything I would use on a daily basis. There are four pockets in this case - one with primer, foundation, concealer, powder, & blush; another with all eye makeup; another with another blush and all the eye makeup that wouldn't fit in the other one; and the last one with glittery eye shadow and an eyelash curler.

No WONDER it took me forever to do my makeup! Can you BELIEVE how much stuff that was that I had just lying around, not being used, taking up precious storage space?! I plunged into my downsizing with a vicious desire to PURGE!

Most of the stuff in the caboodles was easy to get rid of. I found a perfume I'd been looking for, as well as a bubble bath sample. Everything else went in the box for Janelle. Most of the stuff in the drawers was hair products that I'd tried but didn't work or just had different kinds of things I'd used once and never tried again. A few things I handed to my friend, Kyla, who was hanging out with me for the day. Most of the rest of everything went into the garbage - but I saved all the makeup for Janelle. I was able to condense all I kept to ONE plastic drawer and a tiny makeup bag.

Here are the after pictures:

The one drawer on the right is the stuff I kept, and it's not very full. Everyday things like hairspray, lotion, moisturizer, etc went in there. It fits easily in the bathroom vanity, but I might be able to put the stuff in the actual drawers and just not use it in the bathroom after all. The three drawers in the middle are completely empty and wiped clean. The box on the left is everything going to Janelle.

And here's my current makeup bag:

Concealer, mascara, tweezers, bronzer/blush in one (which doubles for eye shadow), an all-over powder, and my eyelash curler.

I did keep my special green-eye enhancing eye shadow & eye liner for special occasions, but that went into a separate drawer for the next time I need it.

The bag was too small for my bottle of moisturizer to fit, but other than that and my chapstick, there's my whole makeup routine! It takes me about 5 minutes, which is just perfect for me. It feels so great to have that rarely used clutter out of the bathroom (and hallway) and into a box for someone else to take home. Rosie was so tired from all the work, she decided to sack out on the couch. What a good helper. :)

I think jewelry will have to wait for another day. :)

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