Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dining Room Reno Part 2: new shelf & dining room before pictures

I started on a couple of aspects in our dining room this weekend (mainly sanding down a chair to start the refinishing process). After my electric sander pooped out on me, I decided I needed a break from sanding the chair I was working on and do something different for a while (plus my arm was pretty tired from hand-sanding for about an hour). So I decided to head off to my favorite furniture consignment store in search of my shelving unit for our dining room. I wanted a small, unique thrift store find with open shelves - something like a ladder shelf or baker's shelf - that I could put my cookbooks on, house recipes in a basket, and have a place for our picnic caddy we use for entertaining. It took me about 10 minutes of searching before I found the perfect shelf! And for only $35, I decided to take it home. Here's the before shot:

After that, I stopped at Home Depot to get a can of white spray paint for this baby (along with more sandpaper for my refinishing job to continue later). I found out halfway through that I actually needed 2 cans for a nice, even coat. Fortunately, we live 2 minutes away from Kelly-Moore Paints, so I drove to get another can and was back in less than 10 minutes. After finishing the second coat, this is the after shot:

After letting it dry outside for a few hours in our car port, it started to rain. By that time it had dried enough for me to move it inside. I put it in the entryway to dry overnight, and then moved it into place this morning! Here's what it looks like in its new place:

Pretty nice, eh? I'm proud of my find. :)

And duh... I forgot to post "before" pictures of the dining room before. I didn't take many with our previous set up, but I have a couple with the room empty (pre-move in) and some of what it looks like now (which is a mess). After taking these before pictures, I'm even more excited to see what the final product will be!

Here are the before pictures:

Looking in to dining room from living room (pre-move in)

Dining room window (pre-move in)

Note: the following pictures are post-painting. It's so much brighter now with the ugly green paint gone! You can see the paint transformation of the dining room ceiling here.

View into the kitchen with the new shelf in place

Current view of the war zone mess

Current view of dining room into living room

Another view of dining room mess

I will keep posting as we progress further into our dining room reno. It will probably take a while longer now that the electric sander isn't holding the sandpaper anymore, but I will keep at it until it's done!

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