Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finish Strong Challenge 2010 - Vol. 4

Confession time.

I had about double the amount of homework this week along with my two jobs, so unfortunately it's time for some confession.

I did not track my food or follow my meal plan.
I exercised on Monday, but that was all.

As a result, I gained a pound this week. It happens. I'll chalk it up to experience and try to do better this week as I try to take on the first week of P90X phase 2.

This week's hopeful workout plan:
Monday - Ab Ripper, Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Tuesday - Plyometrics
Wednesday - Ab Ripper, Back & Biceps
Thursday - Kenpo
Friday - Ab Ripper, Legs & Back
Saturday - Cardio
Sunday - rest

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