Monday, November 29, 2010

Clean eating & new Weight Watchers Plan

After trying to eat COMPLETELY clean for a few weeks, I've realized it's not for me. I'd end up frustrated and eating whatever else I was craving (mainly junk foods). I already eat pretty healthy foods, but I was doing better and having more successful weight loss with things that have High Fructose Corn Syrup (or corn sugar as they're now calling it) or soy lecithin or whatever other "non-clean" ingredients might be included. I think I'll still make it my goal to AIM towards cleaner foods, but I can't handle it at this point in my life. Kudos to those that can.

On a better note, Weight Watchers is launching their newly revised PointsPlus plan today, which includes counting carbs and protein in addition to fat and fiber. I'm excited/nervous/annoyed/happy to start this. The annoyed/nervous part is because this will force a "back to basics" mentality as EVERYTHING has changed. I will need to carefully measure/weigh/count everything in order to make sure I'm within my daily Points total. The excited/happy part is because going back to basics is usually what helps give a kick to the weight loss and in a way jump-start everything again.
The bad part? Almost everything has gone UP in Points. Grr. The best parts? Almost every fruit and veggie is 0 Points value and the daily/weekly Points totals have gone up too!

Weight Watchers is a fantastic program. I highly recommend joining.

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