Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dining Room Reno Part 5: Curtains, I tell ya!

Man, was this a long adventure! I definitely learned a lot through this process. You would think that hanging curtains would be a simple process, but no. It actually took us 2 days and 3 trips to Home Depot before we got everything put together.

The first trip to Home Depot involved searching for a masonry drill bit for our lovely cinder block walls. I also picked up some primer and paint for my project with the dining set, but that's a different story. So I picked up a 1/8" masonry drill bit for us, since we were just going to use it to hang curtains and probably some pictures in the rest of the house in the future. I thought it was worth the $3 investment.

Well, once arriving home, I discovered that our curtain rod set did NOT come with the screws we needed to actually stick them in the walls. I had some screws from a previous trip to Lowe's that we were going to use to put our vent covers back up. I grabbed a pack of those screws, made sure that they fit our rod set, and got to marking out where I was going to drill. Well, after I got done drilling one side, I tried to use an electric screwdriver to get the screws in. However, the drill bit we had didn't make holes wide enough for the bigger screws to fit all the way in. So after some dinner and an episode of Bones, I went BACK to Home Depot to get a larger drill bit. I re-drilled the holes with the wider bit, and then successfully screwed in the screws. I did the same to the other side, but before I drilled the middle ones, I wanted to make sure the rod would fit.

When I hung the hooks that held the rod, Spencer pointed out that the hooks wouldn't hang straight because the screws were too big. He also pointed out that I had made my measurements based on the entire length of the rod, which was 79". I didn't take into account the decorative ends, where the hooks would not fit. We actually only had 74" to work with. I also tried to hang them too high, meaning that the decorative ends wouldn't clear the amount of space I had left above the hooks. Grr... I was extremely frustrated, so I just decided to go to bed and try again the next day (with Spencer's help this time).

The next morning, I went to Home Depot for the THIRD time to get the correct sized screws. I brought along the wall anchor for the hook so I could find the exact screws I would need. I snagged the ones I needed (plus some more primer for the dining room set), and headed home.
When we started this time, we went back to the original 1/8" drill bit, which amazingly worked with the correct sized screws. Oh well, I guess the bigger one will be good to have around, just in case.

I set Spencer to work with measuring out the placement of the holes to drill.

Once he was finished, I drilled all the holes and set the screws in place.

When we were finally finished, we realized we were about 1/8" too wide for the rod to fit, so I took down one of them and redrilled again. Third time's a charm, I guess. So we now have 6 holes to putty in and touch up with paint. But for all that trouble, the curtains look lovely. They allow a ton of light to come into the room still, but still soften up the window. They also look rockin' behind the buffet. :)

Daytime shine

Kinda hard to see in this pic because of all the light coming through

Nighttime finally allows a good picture.

Thanks for reading about our adventure!

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