Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finish Strong Challenge 2010 - Vol. 7 (Part 2)

Okay, I promised I would post this later in the week. (Happy Hump Day, by the way!) I know that I need to re-evaluate my plan for exercise, as I have been majorly slacking ever since I added more work hours to my schedule.
I know that I can't finish the P90X program by the end of 2010, and with the holiday travels coming up, it's impractical for me to try to get in 2-2.5 hours of workouts every day. I'm thankful that things like housecleaning and shopping give me some added activity. So here's the plan for the rest of my week. With the day off of school tomorrow, and most of Friday off, I'm hoping I can stick to this before my weigh in on Saturday.

Wednesday: Housecleaning (30 min), BBL Cardio Axe (30 min)
Thursday: Housecleaning (30 min), BBL Cardio Axe (30 min), BBL High & Tight (35 min)
Friday: Housecleaning (30 min), BBL Cardio Axe (30 min), BBL Bum Bum (35 min)

I will post next week's plan with my Vol. 8 update!

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