Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yard Sale! (LOTS of pictures)

Last weekend, Spencer and I had a very successful yard sale. While the main goal was to get rid of stuff, we ended up making a small fortune to spend on our dining room. :)

Our living room was a DISASTER area for about two weeks, and I'm so glad to have it mostly empty again. Here's just a few pictures of our pre-yard sale mess:

Me sitting on our new loveseat

View from the entryway

Rosie being very helpful and adorable

My collection of earrings (before)

My collection of earrings (after)

Some of our friends generously gave us a matching couch & loveseat set a few weeks ago (the green ones pictured above), so for the past two weeks, we looked like we owned a used furniture store.

We went through just about everything that we owned to try to get rid of stuff that we didn't need anymore. We went through closets, drawers, shelves, boxes, and piles and piles of stuff to bulk up our yard sale. We piled all of the yard sale items in boxes in front of the fireplace.

Altogether, we collected about 5 1/2 garbage bags of trash while going through all our stuff.

A few days before our sale, we posted an ad on craigslist. And then reposted it every day leading up to the sale. The night before, we put our keep pile back into our spare room and made signs for people to easily find our house. Our sale was advertised to start at 8am, so we set our alarms to get an early start the next morning.

We started setting up around 6am with hanging up the signs on the light poles leading up to our house. Then, we had to wrestle our furniture out the back door (the front door has a narrow entryway, making it impossible to move couches through it). After we got those down to the front of the driveway, we transported the rest of the stuff outside and started setting up. We had barely started setting up the tables when our first earlybird customer arrived. And from then on, we didn't have a time lapse of more than 5-10 minutes go by without customers for the rest of the day.
Here are some pictures of our first yard sale:

View from across the street

My sleepy husband :)

View from halfway up the driveway

View from the front porch

This picture is for those of you who made fun of my '70s avocado green couch. It was one of the first things sold. Even after it was sold, people offered me more money. So there. :P

We sold a LOT of stuff. I even conducted a sale entirely in Spanish, which was very exciting for me! At around 12:30pm, we made a sign that read "HALF OFF!" When we finally closed up at 2pm, we loaded everything we didn't sell into my mom's van to be hauled off to a thrift store that benefits Alzheimer's patients. We didn't want to bring anything back into the house if we could help it. We did end up bringing in the wedding dress, a box of clothes, and some Christmas ornaments that didn't sell.

Here's how much emptier our living room looks now:

View from dining room

View from front door

Look at all the empty floor space!

After counting all the stuff that we sold (including a furniture piece I sold my mom recently), we made more than $450! We promptly spent all of it the next day at Ikea & West Elm, but that's another post for another time.
Thanks for reading!


  1. yay!! what fun!! and I love your house! It looks so cute!

  2. Thanks, dear! We're working on making it our home. :)