Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our First Christmas Tree!

Well, OBVIOUSLY we have a CAT in the BEARD HOUSEHOLD. She’s climbin’ up yo’ trees, snatchin’ yo decorations up, tryna destroy ‘em so y’all need to hide yo’ Mary, hide yo’ Joseph, AND hide yo’ baby Jesus ‘cause cats be gettin’ all crazy up in hurr.

hahaha.... I had fun making that up with one of my friends last week. This is the EXACT reason we decided not to use any sentimental ornaments this year. We don't want our rambunctious kitty "tyna destroy 'em."

We decided instead to go with a "magazine" tree (matching decor) instead of a "family" tree (mismatched and personal) as I like to call it. I mostly used things that we already had. Here are a few pictures of our first Christmas tree!

(fuzzy full picture)

(top of the tree)

Decorations used:
6' tree from Big Lots (already owned)
3 strings of white Christmas lights leftover from wedding decor (already owned)
teal, gold, and brown ball ornaments leftover from wedding decor (already owned)
6 silver foliage stems from Michaels 40% off ($2)
pinecones from Michaels 40% off ($2)
silver garland from thrift store ($2)
silver star tree topper from Target on sale ($4.50)
tree skirt - gold tablecloth not in use (already owned)
Total cost: $10.50

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  1. Hahaha - love the lyrics! I hope you don't mind; I posted them on Emmie's wall because she LOVES that video. ;)

    Love you girl!

    Krista S.