Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cake Decorating: Week 1

I recently signed up for a cake decorating class at Edwards Cake and Candy. If you've never been in there, you should go! However, it's the type of store that would be easy to get in trouble with your husband for spending too much... be warned. =)

I'm taking the Wilton Decorating Basics class, and we just finished our first class this week. I thought I'd give a little glimpse into how I'm expanding my Suzy Homemaker skills.

This week, we learned about some basic baking skills, good tools to help with baking, different ingredients and how well they work, how to torte a cake, and a lot more. I learned some interesting things, like dry goods are to be measured in measuring cups like this:

But liquids are supposed to be measured in something like this:

It's because dry goods and liquids measure differently in these things. Weird, huh? I never knew. There were many more interesting tidbits that I may share in later posts. We shall see.

Anyway, so we learned how to make a basic buttercream frosting, and then we practiced making "stars" on our practice boards to get the technique down. I've decorated gingerbread houses my whole life, so the technique wasn't unfamiliar to me. The canned frosting we were required to bring was so thick that after just a few practice stars, my wrist didn't want to squeeze the bag anymore because it was so tired! We passed around the buttercream that the teacher had made, which was much more cooperative. When we had a better handle on what we were doing, we got to decorate some cookies that we brought.

Here's how mine turned out:

After that, we got to eat the cake that the teacher used for the demonstration. It was a banana cake with Bavarian creme filling and the basic buttercream frosting. So delicious. Um, and also so sweet that I got a headache before I finished my piece.


Then I went home and did P90X to work off all those calories. See about that post on my other blog - the fit wife - found here.

Next week, we're going to frost and decorate a cake!

Photo of measuring spoons found here, and Pyrex found here.

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