Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Desk Organization: Before & After

In light of the Spring semester starting for me this week, I decided I should probably clean up my desk. It's my main homework area, and I don't function well in chaos.

Also, Jen from iHeart Organizing is doing a January challenge called "project paper." She has some great tips on organizing all the paper that accumulates over time. I figured this would be a good step one for me before I tackle my file cabinet.

Here's the unsightly before:

Gross, huh? That's what it's been like for the last month. Yuck!

I took everything off the desk, file cabinet (yes, there's a file cabinet hiding in there!), the floor surrounding, and everything in the teal organizer (my "to file" stack) and moved everything out into the middle of the office. Then I sorted everything into two piles: Keep and Toss. I sifted through the Toss pile to make sure I got everything with our info on it to throw into the fire place for burning (unless I get a paper shredder in the near future), then I took everything else out to the garbage can. After that, I put the important things back in my teal "to file" organizer - I still haven't cleaned out the file cabinet from last year's stuff, but I will get to it soon! I put the books and backpacks away, filed the coupons, etc. I got it all cleaned up. Then I dusted...haha.

Here's the after:

So much nicer, yes? Now I've got plenty of space to stash this semester's stack of textbooks, notebooks, binders, etc. and lots of room to work on assignments & read my textbooks.

The project took me about 35 minutes. I even had time for a game of hide-and-seek with my kitty.

Where's Rosie???

There she is!!!

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  1. Love this! Way to set yourself up for success for the whole year to come!

    Thanks so much for sharing this with me! Hope to see you link up at the end of the month when we celebrate our Paper Project post!