Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flung Suede

This post has been a long time coming. I wrote it a while ago, but then because of my laptop crash, I couldn't get pictures up. Here's our living room rearrangement post, at last!

After we pulled down the Christmas decorations, I couldn't wait to put our new TV stand to use and rearrange! So the day after Christmas, we did just that.

Before pictures:

Straight view from entryway - the loveseat's position makes the room look tiny

Looking towards the dining room from entry way - there's major flow-blocakge

looking left from the entryway

Our lovely tv up on the mantle - definitely not where I wanted it. And look at all the messy-looking bookshelves for storage! Yuck...

Space saver drawers filled with office supplies (why is it not in the office??), all of our board games, exercise equipment all over the floor, and cords everywhere connecting all the various forms of media to each other. Lovely.

The other bookshelf - it's mostly empty because the huge couch makes it difficult to reach the lower shelves.

View from dining room to entryway. It just looks blah.

Just for anyone who's wondering about the weird title, it's a play on "fung shui." I was told that in order to properly fung shui you have to hide gold coins and polarize your room - which we did not do.

Anyway, here it is after the rearrangement:

View from the entryway. We have an odd-shaped room, so we angled the couch and loveseat to help the room seem bigger. I tucked the exercise mats and hand weights on the bottom shelf.

View from entryway to dining room. With the tv off the mantle, the tv doesn't have to be the focal point of the room. The mantle can now be used for pictures, decor, etc.

Another view of the fireplace, from standing in front of the piano.

There's a nice, wide pathway now for us to walk through. There's also plenty of space for a piano bench - but that's another story for another post.

The loveseat, as seen from the dining room.

Close up of our beautiful IKEA tv stand. Even though the Wii is sitting next to the tv, there are no annoying exposed cords. All the other games and gaming equipment are in the right hand drawer. My exercise dvds, resistance bands, etc. went in the left drawer.

And a close up of our couch with the new pillows on it. More pillows will be coming soon.

So that's our grand rearrangement. It took about an hour to finally settle on an arrangement we both agreed on, but now we absolutely love it!

I can't wait to get crackin' on the rest of the details of the room like:
  • a piano bench
  • curtains
  • some better lighting so we don't have to have all 3 lamps and the ceiling fan fixture on all at once to get the room fully lit
  • a different, less-dated rug
  • a big mirror to hang over the fireplace
  • some cabinets to match the tv stand (this will be a "someday" dream)
Thanks for reading!


  1. yay! how cute! wish i could come over and do some p90x with you then hang out and watch tv! :)

  2. I love the new arrangement, by the way! Super chic and cozy; but your house always is :)