Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ringing in the New Year - Texas style!

We were very blessed to have the opportunity to fly to Texas a few days after Christmas to visit Spencer's side of the family for a few days.

We left in the wee hours of the morning on December 28th for the Sacramento airport, and flew to Denver for our connection to DFW. Once we arrived in Dallas, we were greeted by Spencer's dad and godfather, Fred. Shortly after, we were able to visit some of their old neighbors/close family friends. After a while, we hit the road for Greenville. I was so hungry, but knew we would be stopping in about an hour, so I decided to take a nap. It was wonderful after a long night of not enough sleep. Once we got to Greenville, our first stop was Chick-Fil-A. Yum. Then we made our way to the house, got settled, and exchanged Christmas gifts. Spencer and his dad got each other the same game (at Greg's request and my help) - Tiger Woods Wii '11 - so the three boys all tried out a game of golf for about 3 hours. I was mostly bored until Spencer started a game of Scrabble with me on his iPod. Victory was mine!

We got a quick surprise visit from Will, Jessica, and their beautiful son Isaac. We were so excited to meet our nephew for the first time! He was sleepy, but was extremely good natured. Love that kid! We also got to say a short "hello" to Spencer's mom and Karen (pretty much a second mom, since she's Will's mom, who is practically Spencer's brother) before we called it a night.

The next morning, we were awoken to some wonderful smells of southern cooking wafting in from the kitchen. Bacon, scrambled eggs, biscuits, sausage gravy, and orange juice - YUM. It was absolutely delicious.

Spencer and I made the hour-long drive to Teen Mania to see my beloved Lizz. She was my roommate for about a year and a half before I moved back home. She was also one of my maids of honor in our wedding this summer.

She was stuck working during Christmas break, but could go as soon as the delivery truck came and the order was put away. We decided to go early to help her out. Long story short, the truck came about three hours later than it was supposed to. So we hurried to put the order away and hit the road back to Greenville. We dropped Lizz off with Mom & Karen and then made our way back to Dad's house to get some sleep.

New Year's Eve (Friday) was a girl's day out! I had heard of a store called Garden Ridge from this post on young house love. These stores don't exist in California, so when I discovered a store just about an hour away from Greenville, I called up my mother-in-law and asked if we could plan a girls day to check it out. Though she doesn't like shopping much, she obliged, and ended up having a lot of fun! Here are a few pictures of our adventures in Garden Ridge.

50% off Christmas decor, anyone?

They had a good amount of Christmas wrapping paper for half off as well.

Rows and rows of pillows. This was just the brown/green aisle.

And this was the red/yellow aisle.

We thought this would make a great headboard.

There was lots of art to choose from.

Or you could even take home your own suit of armor!

$5.99 precut fabric? Yes please!

They also had clothes... check out these rockin' 80's-style jackets.
I'm ready for the Olympics!

And another here:

What did I end up buying? About 7 throw pillows, some microfiber cloths, eight .99 cent place mats, one top, and some spring dresses. Lizz found 10 or 11 dresses and about 6 tops - I think - I lost count when she kept grabbing dresses on the way to the counter. It was a very successful and FUN trip.

That evening, we had a New Year's Eve gathering with Dad, Grandma, Fred, us, and the Burches (family friends). We had delicious wings made by Dad in the deep frier, and I baked a Texas Brownie Cake. We watched the rockin' new year's eve party as the ball dropped. We toasted, wore funny hats, popped poppers, and blew in our noise makers. A good time was had by all.

Saturday, Spencer and I went over to spend the day with his mom's family. We got to visit with Mom, Karen, Will, Jessica, Isaac, Sylisha and Cory (aunt/uncle), and Nanny and Bob (grandma/grandpa). It was the first time we'd seen most of them since our wedding 6 months before. We had a delicious lunch, and I made another Texas Brownie Cake. =) I had a lot of fun playing with Isaac and getting to catch up with my sister-in-law, Jessica.

Sunday morning we got to go to Spencer's home church in Greenville - Harvest Bible Church. It was a great sermon on finances and not passing the blame on others for your troubles. After church, we went to Luigi's Pizzaria, which is some of the best pizza ever. Delicious. We said goodbye to Mom & Karen and headed back to the house to pack up our stuff. We went to the airport for our 7:57pm flight to San Francisco, then to Sacramento. However, we didn't want to get in that late, so we changed our flight to stop in SFO with no extra charge! Good thing we did, because our flight didn't take off until 9:40pm due to all the snow delays elsewhere in the country. I watched Charlie St. Cloud on the airplane, and it was just okay. Once we landed, our baggage didn't come until the next day (that means 12:01am... hehe). We got our bags and headed for dinner at McDonalds around 1am in Pleasanton. I almost got to order in Spanish, but they found an employee who spoke English. Darn. Oh well. We got in at around 2am, and got to sleep at 3am.

And that's how we rang in the New Year, Texas style!

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