Monday, February 28, 2011

Kitchen Challenge Step 1: Pantry!

Today, I had some extra time to work on my pantry organization. I lost my voice, and most of my job is to answer the phones at work. I didn't have anything to do (other than make important phone calls which I was unable to do) at my second job, so I was sent home early. I decided to use my extra time to start on that pantry organization (after a nap didn't work out...haha)!

I first emptied out EVERYTHING, cleaned the shelves, and finished putting contact paper on the last 2 shelves (we ran out of paper shortly after we moved in).

In progress pictures:

After two trips to the dollar store (I ran out of containers and went back with a list later to get everything I needed to finish) and $44.93 spent, I was home and ready to tackle my pantry.

For my $44.93 (including tax) spent, I got 2 corner wire organizer shelves, 2 mini wire organizers for small stuff, 1 roll of nonskid drawer liner, 13 plastic baskets of various sizes, 19 single plastic containers with lids of various sizes, 3 two-packs of plastic containers with lids, and 1 four-pack of plastic containers with lids. That's a total of 38 organizing items (or 76 items if you count the lids)!!!!

Here's what I bought the first trip (only half my haul):

After I had everything, I threw out old stuff, pulled out some items to donate or give away, and then started transferring everything into their new plastic bins!

Here are the before & afters!!!!

Tall shelves - top (before)

Tall shelves - top (after!!!)

Tall shelves - bottom (before)

Tall shelves - bottom (after!!!)

Short shelves - left (before)

Short shelves - left (after!!!)

Short shelves - right (before)

Short shelves - overall (after!!!)

In case you're wondering, here's how I organized my shelves.

Tall shelves:
Top shelf - large baskets are baking items and the smaller one is cake mixes
Second shelf - Oils & Vinegars, Syrups & Honey, and other small baking items
Third shelf - baking staples & ingredients
Fourth shelf - breakfast items & cereals
Fifth shelf - canned goods, spice packets, sauces, nuts, & pastas
Sixth shelf - drink mixes (ovaltine, protein powder), box meals, rices

Short shelves - left:
Top shelf - Crackers & Rice Cakes, Crystal Light packets, Snacks & Granola Bars
Second shelf - Smoothie mixes, tea strainer & accessories, Loose leaf tea, Bagged tea
Bottom shelf - popcorn & popcorn maker, coffee items

Short shelves - right:
Top shelf - lightbulbs, lunchbox
Bottom shelf - disposable cups, straws, lunchbox, trash bags, bulk baking soda, bulk vinegar

This is step 1 for my overall kitchen organization challenge this week! I was originally planning on spreading this step across two days, but I was able to accomplish it in one! To see my plan for the rest of the week, click here. To join this challenge at A bowl full of lemons, click here!!!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Challenge: Kitchen Organization

This week's challenge from A bowl full of lemons is to organize the kitchen. Read her post here. You can enter a tupperware giveaway too! Check it out!

I've got a loooot of work to do on this because I missed out on the 21 Day Challenge. Fortunately, my tupperware cabinet and spice cabinet are in tip top shape already. However, the pantry will take a bit longer. Here's how I'm hoping my week works out.

Sunday - homework (haha... it has to happen sometime!)
Monday - Empty out pantry, wipe down & finish papering the shelves
Tuesday - Purge, label, and organize pantry
Wednesday - Tackle under the sink (SCARY!)
Thursday - Organizing kitchen drawers & half the upper cabinets
Friday - Organizing the lower cabinets

Hopefully I'll be able to do all this this week. It's been a long time coming. I do have midterms this week, so we'll see how I get along!

Will you be joining me in the challenge this week? Where could your kitchen use some organization?

How to revive an antique trunk

So I promised you a post about my antique trunk that is currently serving as my wrapping paper station.

Back in September of 2009, I went estate sale shopping with my mom for some basic furniture for my first apartment! (You know we all need to start out that way!) I was fortunate to receive lots of hand-me-down furniture, but I didn't really have any place to sit in my apartment. So off we went... and I found a couch, a swivel chair, and a loveseat. I had had my heart set on a trunk as a coffee table so that it could have double functionality by providing storage for me. As we were checking out at the estate sale, I saw it..... a trunk.... a HUGE trunk that just needed a little love. For about $37.50 it was mine....ALL MINE!!! And I had huge plans for it.

When I got it back to my parents' house (I hadn't moved out yet), I cleaned it up and set to work on making that baby sing!

Here's the plain ol' brown before. This picture is actually it upside down because it was pre-blogging days where I try to take pictures of everything! But this is what the trunk looked like all over.

I made a quick trip to the used bookstore around the corner to see if they had any old maps. I found a beautiful 1970's map of the Grand Canyon. It was perfect! But it wasn't enough to cover this behemoth. So I started poking around the National Geographic magazines from the 1940's and 1950's. In the front and back few pages, I found old travel ads that were PERFECT! So I bought 8 or 9 of them along with the maps, and then headed to Barnes and Noble to see if they had any map calendars. They did! I bought 2 mini calendars - Old World Paris and Old World Maps.

The next few days consisted of cutting, arranging, and mod-podging all of the beautiful pictures into place. I had to use an exact-o knife to get the pictures to fit around the metal latches perfectly. It took me several hours to finish this project, but it was SO WORTH IT!

Here are a few pictures of the finished trunk:



Other side:


And a few details of some of my favorite aspects:

And my absolute favorite: "SURPRISE awaits you in South Africa!" (I wonder why....)

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First of all, can I just say that I love estate and garage sales? They're so much fun!

I was able to find some new floor lamps to replace our outdated 80's lamps today! I was just leaving a farmhouse estate sale when I saw a sign for a moving sale. So I wandered down the unknown country road, and I'm so glad I did! They lady was so sweet and had great prices on everything! She had 3 floor lamps, and I scooped up 2 of them for $4 a pop!

Here's the other side of the living room before:

And here it is after:

There's definitely a lot more light in the room now. And the best part about these lamps is they are the kind with 3 different brightness levels. All I need is some 3-toned lightbulbs and we'll be set for brightness adjustment! Woo hoo!

The 80's lamps moved to the basement for now. My husband still loves them. I haven't a clue why, but we're not dumping them yet!

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