Monday, February 14, 2011

Our first married Valentine's Day

Two years ago, my husband and I went on our very first date. We both dressed up and went to our favorite Italian restaurant - Little Italy in Tyler, TX. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera to mark this momentous occasion. Fast forward two years, and it's our first married Valentine's Day today! It's an all-around special day for us. I wanted to share how we're celebrating this year and tell you what an amazing husband I have. =)

I got my husband a card and made him his favorite triple berry muffins in Valentine's cake papers. There were only two left when I went to take a picture.

For dinner, I'm attempting to re-create our first date. Homemade pizza!

This is my best attempt at making the pizza heart-shaped. The pepperoni helped.

My husband had the day off. He called me while I was filing some paperwork at my office.
"I hate to ask this because it will ruin some of the surprise, but.... where do we have a vase?"

I laughed and told him where it was. My husband is so adorable.

When I came home from work, I walked in to find this on the counter from my parents:

That's a potted tulip from my parents and a Valentine's card from my grandparents.

Then I continued into the office, where I found THIS:

A dozen pink roses, P.S. I Love You (movie night tonight!), Lindt dark truffles, and an envelope that read: "My Princess Bride."

Now, you have to understand something. My husband is incredibly sweet, and so inconceivably cheesy. I wanted to share with you what my precious husband wrote to me. This is what the note said:

To My Beautiful Princess Bride,
I cannot begin to explain to you how much you fill my heart. I love you more than I can express. And though I don't always say, "As you wish," my heart shares the same sentiment. I would skillfully duel with Spaniards whose life goal was revenge to see you. I would take on giants that could squish me though they don't work out to get to you. I would think of "inconceivable" ways to outwit any Sicilian that I might encounter to hold you. I would traverse the three horrors of the fire swamp to escape with you. And I would storm the castle after a little miracle to help you.
Yes, I know this letter is cheesy and you are probably both laughing and tearing up a little. Okay, maybe not tearing up from sappiness but from laughter. Nonetheless, my point remains the same. I would go to the end of the world for you, my true love. I will always love you and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.
Love always,
Your Handsome Prince

Can I get a huge "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"?!?! Like I said, sweet, and sooo cheesy. Just they way I love him. =)

In exchange for this wonderful gift, I printed out all the letters that I had written him while we were dating or praying about a relationship.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! How are you celebrating?


  1. love it!! sounds like a wonderful celebration!:o)

  2. Awww that is super boyfriend hates valentines day so we aren't celebrating. I gave my daughter Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and a stuffed dog and she gave me a very cute sock monkey. If you want to see how cute it is check out my blog