Thursday, February 17, 2011

Projects in the works...

I actually have quite a few projects around our home in the works. Some require more work than others. Here's a list of the plans by room. The teal ones are actually in progress (meaning we already have some materials needed to complete them).

Front yard:
  • Repainting the front door
  • Making a year-round wreath or door hanger for the door
  • Adding some brightly colored flowers to our yard
  • Aerating and seeding the lawn
  • Fixing the sprinkler system
  • Getting rid of the dirt pile leftover from our plumbing project
  • If we get adventurous - repainting the carport and porch overhang
Entry way:
  • Finding/building a bench for behind the front door
  • Putting a doormat on the inside for wiping feet (even though we have one outside)
  • Adding some wall art above the coat rack
  • Adding a basket for shoes to go under the bench
Living room:
  • Replacing the dead floor lamp (I'm currently in love with this one, but it's out of our price range)
  • Painting the piano bench & upholstering it (or swapping it for whatever one we find for the entry way)
  • Making no-sew curtains
  • Hanging the hardware & curtains
  • Hanging a mirror over the mantle (totally in LOVE with this one, but that's DEFINITELY out of our price range)
  • Swapping out the area rug for one that matches the soft colors of the room
  • Swapping out the ceiling fan for one that will actually light the room
  • Finding an upholstered storage ottoman/coffee table
  • Maybe adding a mantle on top of the fireplace
Dining room:
  • Repainting the dining room set (Two chairs have 1 coat of paint on them and need 1-2 more coats. This takes me several hours of sanding per chair, plus the table, then priming, painting, and poly-coating them)
  • Peeling off the damaged veneer tops from the china hutch and buffet
  • Painting/refinishing the china hutch and buffet
  • Adding a mirror to the dining room to open up the space more and get some more light in there
  • Hanging some art/framed pictures to the walls
  • Finishing contact-papering all the shelves (about halfway done)
  • Re-arranging the placement of things in the cupboards (the pots and pans have been in the upper cabinets since day one, and we haven't moved them yet because....?)
  • General organization of things in the kitchen/pantry (with bins, baskets, labels, etc.)
  • Establishing a recycling system
  • Painting all the doors and trim that is still unpainted from when we first moved in
  • Replacing the doorknobs (the ones we have are all outdoor knobs with keyholes, none for which we have keys)
  • Reframing a large mirror that we own and hanging it up
  • Adding a console table/buffet/bookshelf/dresser to the hallway for added storage
  • Hanging art/pictures on the walls
  • Reorganizing the over-stuffed linen cabinet
  • Replacing the mismatched bookshelves (4 of them) for a matching set that will house all of our books
  • Adding curtains to the windows
  • Updating the ceiling fan
  • Swapping out the hubby's cheap-o secondary desk for a white Ikea extension
  • Maybe moving my desk to the other bedroom and getting me a new one
Middle bedroom:
  • Decluttering/organization
  • Finish painting the cabinet doors & closet
  • Sanding/painting or refinishing the futon
  • Assembling the futon
  • Find a mattress for the futon (the old one was too far gone to save)
  • Maybe painting an accent wall with stenciling (still deciding on that)
  • Designating spaces (this room will be multi-functional) - craft/project area, gift wrap station, place for the cat stuff, and guest room arrangement
  • Hanging curtains, art/pictures, etc.
Master bedroom:
  • Purchasing the dressers that match our bedroom set (about $250 each, so that won't be for a while)
  • Creating a more organized closet space
  • Finding a red throw blanket to complete our bedding
  • Updating or replacing our nightstand lamps
  • Adding curtains
  • Touch-up paint on the ceiling (we did a really crappy job at it and I see it every night when we go to sleep)
  • Hanging a mirror
  • General decorating
  • Painting the vanity
  • Changing out the vanity drawer pulls
  • Adding roman shades to the window (there's not really room for a curtain rod
  • Assembling more wire rack shelves
  • Making sure we have enough shelves to get all our stuff up off the floor
  • Swapping out cardboard boxes for more durable plastic ones
  • Fixing the leak that shows up every time it rains
  • Adding some kind of a light to the water heater closet/space under the stairs
  • Moving the shed to the backyard
  • Taking down the DirectTV satellite which we have no use for
  • Planting a vegetable garden
  • Adding a trellis and planting a climbing plant of some kind (maybe trumpet vine or roses)
  • Maybe adding an awning
  • Adding some weather-resistant patio chairs and a grill!
So there's our whole house and the projects I've been dreaming up and planning. There are no time limits on any of these. Just things I'd like to get done sometime whenever time and finances allow.

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