Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You light up my world

We have some new lighting in the living room!

Our current ceiling fan in the living room doesn't put out enough light to effectively light up the whole room. So we've surrounded the room in lamps. Brass lamps. From the 80's. Hey, at least they matched.

Don't get me wrong, I love these lamps because they were all hand-me-downs. Hey, you do what you can when you're just starting out. I had these babies in my apartment before we got married. They were well loved and well used. Plus, for some reason my husband really likes the brass-with-etched-glass-and-night-light lamps.

So we've been using these lamps, but in order to fully light the room at night (for reading or if guests come over), we've had to turn on all 3 lamps plus the ceiling fan lights. Talk about wasting energy!

I've been on the hunt for some matching table lamps to flank the fireplace that would not only update our fixtures, but would be something we both loved AND within our price range. I figured out that I had about $10 to spend on each lamp (not including shades). So I began to scour the thrift stores and consignment shops. I thought I might find some ugly matching lamps then paint them, but I could NOT find any matching lamps. Anywhere. And the ones that DID match were $45 per lamp, which wasn't working for me. Ugh.

Then I found a new thrift store in town. It's called the Thrift Emporium on 9th street. Not the best area of town, so I wouldn't recommend going alone (unless you're a man). I went during the bright daylight hours and took a friend whom I just happened to run into at a previous store. Wonder of wonders! I felt like bursting out into song!!! I found not just one pair of matching table lamps, but 8 matching sets!! And then I found them... two lamps for $10 each. And they were perfect just the way they were! No painting needed! Score! I scooped them up before anyone else could take 'em!
Later I found some burlap lamp shades for them at Target. I'm so pleased with them!

Please excuse my adorable kitty who's made it her personal goal to make a cameo in every blog post. :)



And one more beautiful after.......

There is SO much more light in the room now. And the hubby loves the lamps - which is definitely an added bonus. I would have found someplace to put them if he'd hated them - even if it was at a friend's house instead of mine. And don't worry...the 80's lamps that he loves so much are still here to stay for the time being. They've just moved to the other side of the room for now. I can't wait to get a large oval mirror hanging over that fireplace to bounce some more light around and open up the space even more!

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  1. Hi Jenn, I just became your newest follower. I love your new entry way and I love that you did it for $0.00. How cool is that. Most importantly, I love how well organized you are for a newly wed. Wow, that is amazing. I didn't get that well organized until 20 years of marriage and two kid later. LOL!! I also have a blog. I post on DYI projects you would probably really like. Please check it out anytime. I would love for you to follow. Have a Blessed day!! Johnnie

  2. Hi Jenn! wanted to say thank you so much for your sweet comment & welcome you to my random neighborhood!! :)
    i love your great find, and the burlap shades! nearly bought one of those.. but alas, they didn't have a large enough one for the lamp i found! :P