Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bits of my Weekend - Shaklee & some thrifty finds!

My weekends are usually filled with homework and housecleaning. Thus is the life of a student housewife. I don't mind it at all - actually I kind of love cleaning my house.

Here are a few bits of my weekend. =)

Friday was BEAUTIFUL. I got to go on a lunch date with my hubby and spend the afternoon gardening, which you can read about (and see pictures) here. I also tackled the laundry and made a quick trip to the grocery store to restock on fruit.

I also got an exciting package from UPS - my Shaklee starter kits! Last week, A bowl full of lemons was hosting a fundraiser for Autism Speaks where 10% of all kits purchased would go to benefit this organization. Toni (from ABFOL) was personally reimbursing shipping costs via paypal! Woo hoo! I purchased 2 kits - the Household mini kit and the Laundry mini kit. With my purchase, I received a free sample of their Cinch program (weight loss products).

Here's what I got:

Welcome box (with free samples of other products)

Cinch free sample

Household mini kit

Laundry mini kit

The whole lot

I can't wait to start using these awesome products in my home!

On Saturday, I went to my final Weight Watchers meeting. Being newlyweds, I can't afford the $40 per month price for etools and the meetings. So we decided I would switch to just using online etools and would go back to meetings only if I hit a milestone. By doing this, we're saving about $90 in the next three months. We like saving. =)

After that, I spent most of the day at home decluttering, organizing, continuing the laundry, and planning our meals for the week. We recently got a small storage shed for our tiny backyard, and we needed to have some cement laid for it's new resting place. Our awesome "guys" came back to do that work for us (they do a lot of work around here for us) while I did my work inside.
On my way to my parents' house for dinner, I decided to stop at a couple of thrift stores along the way to see if I could find any teapots for my garden (so excited about this idea, but it will take a while to collect enough teapots).

I found this one at Hope Chest, brand new for only $10 (the original price tag was still on it for $24.99!). I decided it was too cute and too nice to go in my garden, so this one I'll be keeping for tea parties. =)

I didn't find anything else at the first two shops (though I did pass up 3 awesome lamps that were less than $8 each!). My final stop was Goodwill, which just opened up after a remodel. I struck gold! All housewares were 50% off!

I'd been on the hunt for some small ceramic or plastic trays to use around my house. I found this set of 8 trays, originally marked for $4, but because of the sale, I got them for $2! I can't decide if I'm in love with all of the colors or if they might get a coat of white paint.

I found one teapot worthy of my garden, marked for $7, paid $3.50!

And then I found the steal of the century. I found a beveled mirror for my mantle. It was marked for $25, but because of the sale, I paid $12.50!!!!!

Considering the one I had wanted from JC Penny, I'm saving a total of $149.50 by going with this mirror (that's $241.50 if you go by its original price)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was pretty much the highlight of my Saturday. =)

Sunday, we went to church and Sunday school. Then I have no idea where my day went after that! I felt like I had been really lazy, but in reality I got a lot accomplished. I finished our meal plan for the week, made a grocery list, went to Target & Walmart, put the groceries away, went to ANOTHER grocery store (the first one stopped carrying a few items...grr), put those groceries away, made & ate lunch, made some soup for the week, and then BAM! It was 4:45 and time for me to cook dinner. Where did my day go?! I made dinner for the hubby, but wasn't hungry myself yet. We watched the season 3 finale of Big Bang Theory (which had a lame ending I might add), and built a beautiful fire in the fireplace. It was our first fire in our new home! Isn't she lovely? And our new mirror looks AWESOME!

Then I sat down next to the fire to watch a few clips from HGTV for some inspiration. I made and ate my dinner (chocolate chip pancakes - I had a craving), and then sat down to read a book. Then I changed my mind and did some more organizing while listening to a sermon.

I'm excited to post later about some of my organizing that happened this weekend! Hope yours was relaxing and fun-filled!

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