Saturday, May 28, 2011

AAAAND we're back!

Hello, my poor deprived followers! I've been locked out of blogger for a while, and I miraculously was able to log in today! Yay!!!!

A LOT has happened since I last posted for real. As you may recall, my beloved car was stolen. Four days later, the police called to inform me that they had FOUND my car, completely FINE! Yes, I was able to drive it home that week!!! The only thing that was taken (aside from gasoline) was my yoga mat. Weird. But I am SOOO HAPPY to have my car back, and I've been using a club on it every night to keep it safe!

That same week, I got hired on to a new part-time job! I am now a nanny for three adorable boys a few days a week - Jonah (age 9), Alex (age 4), and Luke (age 2).

Jonah (left) and Alex (right)

Luke (left) and Alex (right)

And one more of Luke :)

I look forward to getting back into the swing of blogging! I missed it!!!

Thanks for reading!

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