Saturday, July 2, 2011

The 10 in 10 challenge: Day 5

For Day 5, we started the day with a lot of yard work. My mom came over in the morning with a few shovels, her wheelbarrow, and a brand new weed-eater. She and my husband worked on cleaning up the carport while I assembled the weed-eater and attacked the grass along the fence, in the back yard, and in the carport. They both worked SO HARD, and I am incredibly grateful for all their help! They moved the furniture pieces to the back yard, moved the river rocks from the carport to the garden, and hauled some of the dirt pile to fill in a small trench we had in the back yard. We stopped working when it started getting too hot outside. My before pictures didn't turn out because the early morning light drowned everything out, and I forgot to take after pictures until after it was dark. Oops!

Then I went thrift store shopping with my friend Kelsey! I came home with a few treasures.

Bookshelf, $4

Hallway mirror, $2.49

Antique ladder, $15

Vintage soda crate in excellent condition & Ball mason jar, $10 for both

And here's what our hallway looks like with the new bookshelf and mirror:

I love the new contrasting pieces against all the beige on the walls! I do love white pieces, but I equally love dark pieces as well!

After Day 5, here’s how the list stands:

1. Steam & hang other living room curtain
2. Pick up photo from Target & hang in gallery wall frame
3. Hang picture collage frame near master bedroom
4. Edge back lawn
5. Pull weeds in garden near street
6. Pull weeds in garden near neighbors
7. Pull weeds in garden near house
8. Pull weeds in garden near carport
9. Organize coupons
10. Replace dead pansies with impatiens (front garden & pots on front porch)
11. Hang closet doors
12. Organize spare room
13. Clean up carport (rocks, grass, furniture pieces)
14. Replace dead marigolds in back yard with living ones
15. Move wedding arch wood pieces to back yard
16. Paint bathroom vanity
17. Organize bathroom vanity
18. Paint dining chairs
19. Paint dining table
20. Pull/dig up weeds in backyard
21. Donate the three random textbooks in the back of my car
22. Clean up/paint antique chalkboard easel
23. Apply for Win, Lose, or Blog season 5
24. Clean up small antique window
25. Clean up large antique window
26. Decorate on top of china hutch
27. Paint frames & hang up
28. Take carpet remnants from basement stairs & put in garbage
29. Find a mirror to hang in hallway
30. Finish gallery wall

16 tasks down in 5 days! I’m now getting to the point to where my tasks might need a little more planning. After today’s shopping trip, I will probably have to wait on replacing the plants until the next round of paychecks come in. I will need to plan in advance for painting the vanity, but I can always pull/dig up weeds & move wood into the backyard. I’m excited to be getting so much accomplished!

Thanks for reading!

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