Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pinterest Challenge: Gallery Wall (part 2)

So I mentioned in my post yesterday that I decided to do a gallery wall for the Pinterest Challenge. What I didn't mention is that I actually got all the frames up on the wall in March. I've been taking my sweet time to fill them up instead of just randomly filling them as fast as I could. I'm glad I took four months so much time to think before filling up the frames. I absolutely love how everything turned out!

Here's the finished gallery wall!

I wanted the frame across the top to have a family sign. Since I don't have a Silhouette, I searched for some letters to spell out our last name on Pinterest and found these beauties:

I cut them out by hand & glued them to a piece of pretty scrapbook paper. Then I wrote "est. 2010" on the bottom, waited for the glue to dry, and then popped it into my Dollar Store frame. I LOVE how it came out!

One of my Ribba frames was sitting pretty with scrapbook paper, but it felt like it was missing something. Then it dawned on me - these are perfectly sized to be shadow boxes! I had my husband's dried wedding boutonniere sitting on top of a bookshelf waiting to be preserved in a shadow box. I simply just taped it in and stuck it in the frame. It looks lovely on display.

I had no idea what to fill my last frame with, but it needed to be pretty and vintage-looking. I decided to look through one of my vintage hymnals that was falling apart. I carefully picked out one of my favorites, cut it to size, and put it in the frame. It totally completes this frame that I got at a thrift store & painted white.
In case you're wondering, the hymn is "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing."

Here are some other close ups of the gallery wall:

Top left: Picture of my best friends & me at senior prom
Top middle: "Beards" book cover (printed from Pinterest)
Top right: One of my favorite pictures from my first trip to New Zealand
Under that: Picture of my favorite sunset from the same trip
Middle: Our church directory picture
Middle right: Ikea Ribba frame before the boutonniere made it in
Bottom left: LOVE written on scrapbook paper
Bottom middle: Antique keys (printed from Pinterest)

Top middle: Picture of my husband from the internship where we met

Left: Yellow "I Love Us" printable
Top left: Ikea ribba frame with scrapbook paper
Middle left: "House Rules" printable
Middle right: Engagement picture
Bottom left: Anniversary picture

One more time, here's the whole wall:

For this project, I used:
9 Dollar Store frames
3 Ikea Ribba frames
1 thrift store frame, painted white
4 Target frames

I have no idea how much I actually spent on this, since it was so long ago. But it was a fairly inexpensive project. I'm totally in love with my living room wall. Please excuse me while I go make out with admire it.

Thanks for reading! And thanks to Sherry, Katie, and Emily for this challenge!

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  1. I love it! You are so creative and it looks awesome!

  2. Darling! Love the keys! Come see my dollar chair and nine examples of gallery walls!

  3. This is great! I'm working on my gallery wall right now-I hope my turns out this well! I would love it if you could come link this up to my weekly link party Tutorial Tuesday.

    Newlyweds on a Budget